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Never have to track down someone for a reference again. Avoid the awkward phone call and collect your references easily using our application. Completely free to register and request references.

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Simple concept but highly effective

In the example below, an apprentice has decided to move on to another company. He has the foresight to know the value of having a reference from someone that knows specific details about his work ethic.

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Why should you have references?

To keep the credit for your work ethic.

Fast, secure and convenient for everyone. Start collecting valuable employment references now and have them available upon request for your next opportunity.

Request Your References

To request a reference, all you need is the email address of the person you would like one from. Prepare a letter of recommendation to make it that much easier for the person to complete the reference form.

View Your References

Once a reference has been issued, it is uploaded into your account and digitally stored for life. After a reference has been submitted it cannot be edited. This guarantees the authenticity of each individual reference.

Send Your References

To send your references, all you need is the email address of the person you would like to send them to. Attach a cover letter or resume along with your references to apply for a position right from your account.

Secured and Trusted

From the top down, there are no cutting corners. If you are volunteering your money, it is our first priority to make sure your information is protected and secured. Our dedicated SSL certificates encrypt all sensitive data.

Prepare For Success

This service is all about thinking down the road a little bit. Imagine 5 or 10 years into the future and you find yourself on the job market again but now having 2 or 3 solid references that you can present right away.

Your Next Opportunity

A collection of references creates a timeline for a potential employer to review and help determine if you would be a good fit in their company culture. It also demonstrates initiative which is a highly valued quality.

Straight-forward Pricing


You are essentially paying for the safe and secure storage of your references contact details and valuable letters of recommendations written about you. We provide an annual follow up message to give all of your references the opportunity to update their personal contact information. This keeps your references relevant and up to date throughout your working career.

What's included

  • Free reference requests.

  • References are digitally stored.

  • Annual follow up message.

  • Sent by email and SMS.

$20 / Year
$3 / Month


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