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Why is it better to prepare a letter of recommendation for your reference?

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It’s more than likely that if you are asking for a reference from someone, that person will have positive things to say and will have no problem helping you out. By preparing a letter of recommendation for your reference, this will give them the opportunity to see what you think should be highlighted from your time working together.

It’s always important to put yourself in someone else’s shoes when asking for a favour. To make things less intrusive and to be straight forward in your approach to not waste anyone’s time.

By preparing the letter, your chances will be better for actually getting someone as your reference because all they have to do is review and approve.

The following points are just a couple of suggestions that should be included in a quality letter of recommendation. The more detailed examples, the better.

  • Introduction and a brief description of the relationship between the reference and applicant.
  • Specific descriptions of attributes and character strengths that the applicant has demonstrated.
  • Personal stories that elaborate on the work ethic and traits that the applicant possesses.
  • Closing statement and conclusion of why the applicant would be a great fit for the opportunity.

Most people recognize that a co-worker’s relationship typically ends when they no longer work together but nobody likes to feel like they are being used for someone else’s progress. When asking for a reference you should always demonstrate some appreciation and perhaps offer to return the favour one day.

How we can help

Now that we have covered why its better to prepare a letter, you may feel that you’re not the best writer and this might stop you from actually asking for a reference. Our team of copy-writers can help you out. Before you request a reference, just click the button where we ask you if you want a prepared letter of recommendation.

This service is not free but it will make things much easier for you. All you have to do is fill out a form with some details and we will put it all together for you. You will have access to your custom letter within 5 business days in your dashboard. Sign up now and request your references for free. Register Here

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