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Workflow New and exciting features coming soon for contractors and entrepreneurs!

Are you just breaking into the thrilling but uncertain world of entrepreneurship? Are you looking to make your mark, acquire clients, and build powerful relationships, but you are unsure of where to start?

We’re here to tell you that My References Canada is developing some new and exciting features to help you take that first step with confidence!

Taking the leap as a contractor or entrepreneur can be challenging. Trust us, we know. While 72.4% of Canadians agree that entrepreneurship is a desirable career choice, only 10% of Canadians are planning to start a business within the next two years, and 14% remain hesitant. Being a business owner or contractor can come with working long hours and financial insecurities, but having flexibility, independence, and the opportunity to truly follow your dreams and passions makes it well worth it!

As a contractor or business owner, one of the most powerful tools you can have is a reference that can speak to your hard work and credibility. While listing out your skills and previous experiences on LinkedIn can help potential clients get an idea of who you are as a professional, a strong reference provides a much more detailed and personable approach. There is no doubt that references add an undeniable touch to any application or proposal.

My References Canada makes requesting, viewing, collecting, and sending references simple and straightforward. While calling up past employers or customers and requesting a reference to land that next job is often a dreaded process, our services automate and optimize as much of the process as possible, so you never have to break a sweat.

With our ground-breaking system, all you need is the email of the person you require a reference from and the email of the person you are sending your references to. The rest just requires some easy planning on your part, and the hard work on our part. Furthermore, you can make it even easier by drafting up a letter of recommendation for your previous employer or customer, so they have less to worry about and you can throw in all those details that will land you your next gig.

Taking the step to secure several impactful references can be the deciding factor in your success as you build your business or gain experience as a contractor. Whether you are a plumber, accountant, carpenter, or physical therapist, your previous professional encounters and relationships can serve as unforgettable testaments to your skills, strengths, and experiences.

We are working on some amazing new features to cater this entire process to you and other entrepreneurs and contractors. Be on the lookout for some exciting additions that will help you build your business or dream career!

So, what are you waiting for?

Register today so you can guarantee you have all the tools you need to succeed.

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