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Do you need a LinkedIn account to be successful?

There’s know doubt that LinkedIn is a powerful tool to promote an individual’s skills, experience and education but is it mandatory for success?

Known as the official “professional social networking site,” 2022 statistics show that LinkedIn now has almost 740 million members in over 200 countries worldwide. While these are overwhelmingly high numbers, this does not discount that LinkedIn is a social media platform that requires considerable time and effort to build a presence. In order to drive results, you will have to find time alongside your busy schedule to learn the ins and outs of the platform.

Furthermore, not everyone wants to have the details of their personal and professional life on display, not to mention a big no thank you to spam messages and bots. Also, we can understand that it can be a bit concerning knowing that a potential employer might be zooming into your profile picture or analyzing your personal interests.

However, to make the most of LinkedIn, you have to be available to engage with others on the platform and be transparent with your work history and personal details. As a result, having a private profile that protects all of your information will limit the amount of professional relationships you can develop on the site.

So, can you make it in your field without LinkedIn?

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is a powerful platform for both job-seekers and employers. However, it is not necessary to make a statement in your professional field.

Not having a LinkedIn does not decrease the valuable experience and skills you can bring to the workforce. Likewise, purchasing a LinkedIn premium account and all its costly features will not automatically pave your dream career path.

If social media is not for you, consider what makes you stand out as an employee, and how you can present your true value in the most powerful way.

While LinkedIn can summarize many details in one cohesive profile, you might consider some other strategies to capture a potential employer’s attention. If you prefer making personal and intimate connections with employers and co-workers, reference letters might be the best solution for you!

Character references provide the personal and personable touch that a LinkedIn profile might not. In just one, brief letter, individuals that you connected with can share their experiences with your talents and skills, and My References Canada makes this process that much easier!

Keeping the credit for your work ethic just got simpler.

My References Canada makes requesting, viewing, and sending employment references straightforward and seamless. Imagine the impact you can make during your next job search by having a couple exceptional reference letters up your sleeve!

With this secure, convenient, and impactful service, all you need to worry about is pursuing the career of your dreams, rather than building that perfect LinkedIn profile.

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