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Workflow My References Canada has officially launched!

We are please to provide an easy and convenient service that allows the Canadian workforce to collect employment references online. The idea is for people to have documentation of what past employers, supervisors or co-workers have to say about their experience working with them. Most people do not stick with one job their entire lives but rather work multiple positions until they reach their career goals. Your references can give a potential employer a good idea if you would be a good fit in their company culture by what your work history says.

Most companies will ask for employment references when considering a new hire and for some, this could be unexpected. Having to call a past employer to verify if they can give you a reference can be awkward and time consuming. Even though you might have left on good terms, somethings are best left in the past which includes communicating with your old boss.

  • Avoid the uncomfortable phone call to you past employer.
  • Be prepared to present your references right away.
  • Keep the credit for your work ethic wherever you go.

These are just some the benefits of using our service. Along with an easy interface to navigate, we send an annual follow up message to all of your references to give them an opportunity to update any personal contact information that might have changed. This will keep your references relevant and up to date along with an indirect way of confirming they are still onboard to be your reference.

Completely free to request references

To request a reference, all you need is a valid email address. It’s just simply filling out a form and preparing a letter of recommendation to make it effortless for your reference to participate. Once the request is sent, your reference will receive an email and be directed to fill out the issue reference form which just requires some basic contact information. They will also have the option to edit and make any changes to the letter of recommendation that you provided if needed.

I really enjoyed using this service and think it’s a great idea. Easy and straight forward. I’m happy to give a reference to any employee that has worked hard for me.

Once a reference has been issued, it is uploaded to your account and digitally stored for life. You will have to subscribe to view and send your references which is a small annual fee of $20 or a monthly payment of $3. You can 100% cancel at anytime. Reference Example

Make sure your references are always available upon request.

Now that you have references

Since you are subscribed now, you can request and send references by email and SMS. Once they are stored you can rest assure that they will be protected for as long as you need them. You can forget about them for years until the day you need them or you can delete your account when you land that job you’ve been pursuing and don’t have use for them anymore.

This service is all about thinking down the road a little bit. If you collect a reference on your way out of a job, you can now move forward with the peace of mind that your experience will benefit you in the long run. Everyone has they’re own path to take in life and we believe that by keeping a detailed record of what people have to say about your character in the workplace is highly valuable. Tutorial Video

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